Wednesday, December 12, 2018
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Subjects in the City


Subjects in the City is an innovative project aimed at bringing together City businesses and teachers from local schools to enrich the curriculum. The project is funded by the City of London Corporation and delivered by Southwark Education Business Alliance.

The project aims to get teachers and city business volunteers together to develop an activity that will provide a real life context to the curriculum. Some of the benefits of taking part in the programme include:

  • An opportunity to link subject curriculums and a real life context
  • Developing teacher knowledge on careers in the City
  • Establishing connections between schools and City Businesses
  • A chance to network City professionals as well as other teachers


The 2015 Subjects in the City project is currently underway and Southwark EBA has been working with local teachers and city businesses volunteers from businesses including Bristows LLP and Metro Bank.

Teachers have had the opportunity to visit city businesses, meet volunteers and have started to develop their projects.

A variety of projects are being developed, including trips for science students to a law firm to see how science has applications beyond just being a doctor or vet and how some trained doctors and vets are now lawyers.

I found the meeting engaging and insightful and I’m looking forward to collaborating with Bristows. I think my students will gain a great deal from the experience. Science teacher, Bacon’s College

Other projects include developing a set of presentations aimed at exploring and explaining the legal requirements of setting up an e-commerce business for schools to sell their hand made merchandise.

As more projects come to completion, we will be updating this page with some of the resources developed that may come in useful, so make sure to check the page in the near future.

If you are interested in the project or would like more information please Contact Us


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