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Updated: Young Entrepreneurs Project 2016

On Wednesday 16th December 2015, three finalist teams from two local schools competed in the final of the Borough Market event with the aim of making the most profit as possible by selling the products they had designed and produced.

Some of the products on sale included collections of handmade scented candles, decorative lampshades, a variety of diffusers and an innovative holder for mobile phones.

With shoppers in the festive spirit, this was the perfect time for the students to sell their products as potential Christmas gifts. As the crowds drew in, the students started to perfect their respective sales pitches and all three teams started to see more and more interest in their products and more importantly sales!

By the end of the market rush, each team had managed to sell an impressive amount of their product, recoup their investment costs and make significant contributions to their chosen charities.

Southwark EBA would like to congratulate all three teams for a successful final and for the amount of work they all put in to get there.

Here are a few quotes from feedback recieved from students:

Majority student felt that this experience has increased their confident in speaking to people and easily approach people they don't know.

  • "I feel like I can easily approach people and not be worried about rejection"
  • "Because it got my shyness away and now more confident"
  • "Telling people how it works and how much it was"

Student also enjoyed selling to the public and pitching their product to the judges.

  • "Making the products and pitching the idea"
  • "Selling to the public & Meeting the judges"
  • "Showing people what out product was"


Congratulations to St Michaels for making profit on the day and selling out on their product!


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Young Entrepreneurs project is back again, hosted by Borough Market

After 2014/2015 successful delivery of this project, the venue has been booked for the final round of the 2015/2016 Young Entrepreneur competition.

This time it will be held before Christmas and Easter.

Meet the judges - Wednesday 17th November at Norton Rose Fulbright in London

Congratulations to the winning groups from The Charter and St Michael's College.

Sell to the public - 9th December from 11am - 3pm

 20150520 120235

To participate in the project as a volunteer or as a school please contact us directly for more information.

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