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The EBA has introduced a new career guiding workshop for year 9 that helps pupils reflect on their personality traits and open their eyes to different career options.


We believe that young people should choose their education and career path based on their likes and interests. However, we also know that it is useful to understand one own’s strengths and working preferences in order to choose a suitable job.


The What Careers Are Out There workshop has been designed to help the pupils start thinking about their personality – their behaviours, preferences and opinions. Our aim was to provide a safe space for reflection and ownership of everyone’s personal profile while opening up to new future career options.


The workshop was delivered to more than 150 young people in Southwark schools and received extremely positive feedback.


We asked the pupils whether the workshop helped them find out something new about themselves and discovered that over 70% have learned something new.


“I found this workshop helpful because the personality test really helped me see what type of future I could have. This also helps me improve to achieve my goal.”


“I began to realise things about myself such as that I am creative, ingenious, bright and capable and that I am a natural leader.”


“I learned that there is a much wider selection of jobs available to me than I thought.”


“I learned that I am a person who likes to be alone most of the time and I am very organised and prepared. I enjoy challenges and I get bored with routine tasks.”


“I learned about my personality in depth. I am a risk taker and I apply logic well.”


After the workshop 90% of the pupils felt like they would like to build a career of any kind in the future, 85% were better aware of their career options and 85% felt like they are better aware of their strengths.


If you are interested in the workshop for your year 9 or would like to find out more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Thank you to everyone who participated in this project so far and we look forward to delivering more sessions soon!

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