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Students from Charter North and East Dulwich schools were once again testing their entrepreneurial skills at Borough Market last week. This time however, students were even more eager to sell their products. Following a year of restrictions and social distancing, the competition ran high on customer interaction and perfecting the sales pitch. Both teams had a unique opportunity to meet Southwark Mayor who attended the market to encourage students on their entrepreneurial journey. The students seized this opportunity and demonstrated their products alongside their best selling skills.

The two teams made of year 10 students made different products from re-cycled materials to make sure their enterprise is environmentally sustainable. Products included pewter and acrylic keyrings, bucket hats from charity-sourced materials, tie-dye t-shirts and eco tote bags. Altogether, the teams made a profit of £440 and decided to split this amount in donation to charities London Wildlife Trust and Stonewell.

“Our students had a fantastic time. I was impressed with the products and efforts from the teams from both North and East Dulwich and how they conveyed themselves throughout the day. This was a great opportunity for them to experience Enterprise in the real world, we look forward to taking part again!”

Mrs Almaas Iqbal, Teacher at Charter North Dulwich

“The event itself was a huge success and given the fact that we have been unable to run any trips or events this year we really appreciate the fact that we could allow the student’s to experience this opportunity. It will be forever in their memories and we would be keen to do this again next year.”

Mr Joe Clarke, Teacher at Charter East Dulwich


We are always looking for employers to take part in the competition and support young people in their entrepreneurial efforts. For more information and to get involved, please get in touch with us here.

We also welcome new schools to enter the competition and earn a chance to sell at Borough Market. To take part in the next one, contact us here.

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