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We are pleased to announce that the EBA is hosting a Virtual Careers Fair in collaboration with local employers this year. It is a great opportunity for businesses to engage with young people and share their knowledge with the next working generation. Pupils are going to learn about different industries and professions as well as work ethic and employer expectations. The Virtual Careers Fair will take place on Wednesday 2 March 2022 and registration for both schools and businesses is now open.

We will be bringing employer-led workshops into classrooms giving students an opportunity to find out more about different careers of their interest. There will also be a window for questions and dialog with the speakers. Because we know how much students enjoy hands on activities, we make sure that this remains in the centre of the programme even this year.

To take part in the Virtual Careers Fair both schools and employers can book their place now by filling in the registration form. We will be happy to answer any enquiries and provide support at [email protected].

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