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Every year the EBA hosts the bi-annual Scholar Network event bringing all Southwark scholars together and catching up on everyone’s whereabouts.

This time, we welcomed Lou-Lou Batchelor as our main speaker for the evening. She agreed to share her academic and professional journey with us while taking the opportunity to meet all new and old cohorts. It was quite a fascinating story to listen to. As Lou-Lou talked about her newly gained independence, leaving her home city eight years ago for university in Leicester, picking up her first ballet class as something she wasn’t able to do ever before or landing her first internship with Rolls-Royce, one could see how the set of all experiences helped her becoming the confident speaker she is today.

Successfully completing Meng in Aerospace Engineering, Lou-Lou now works as a Modelling and Simulation Specialist at Airbus, a place she is truly excited to talk about. Her other passion and ambition for the future is to help more young people into engineering, especially young women from disadvantaged backgrounds.

This is where the Scholar Network events are truly spectacular. As Lou-Lou talked about her future plans, George Imafidon reached out to discuss potential collaboration with his youth organisation Motivez. George, an award-winning humanitarian engineer and social impact leader, who received his scholarship in 2015 is now a Performance Engineer with Team X44, Sir Lewis Hamilton’s electric race team, as well as a board member at The Hamilton Commission. He’s also the founder of Motivez, an organisation inspiring young people into professions in engineering.

Meeting twice a year, the network celebrates new scholars, achievements of everyone across the scheme and encourages new connections for collaboration. This was a truly inspiring evening, and we hope there are many more to come. We would like to thank everyone who came and is committed to supporting the scheme and giving back to Southwark community.

We are always looking for new partnerships to expand the scheme and strengthen local connections. If you would like to get involved, please do contact us at eba@southwark.gov.uk or call 020 7525 2895 for further discussion.


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