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Laptops for Learning

Donate your laptop to a young learner

Following up on the success of the Laptops for Learning campaign led by Southwark Council, the EBA is now taking on the facilitation of business donations to Southwark schools. We accept functional second-hand devices that have been wiped clean for distribution to local schools in support of young people’s education. The Covid-19 pandemic further widened the gap between young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and their more privileged counterparts. By donating functional devices you provide access to education for young people that need it.

Repurpose your surplus IT equipment

Use the form below provide us with details or your surplus IT equipment and help us facilitate your donation of second-hand devices. If you don’t have all the information to hand at the moment you can use the ‘Save & Continue’ feature available from the bottom of the form and return to complete the form at a later date. We will share the submitted information with local schools in order to establish whether they are suitable for their pupils and compatible with their systems.

Thank you for your interest in the Laptops for Learning campaign.

Contact Details


Laptop Condition and Specification

When submitting the following information, group your devices by model type and confirm the quantity of each model. You can add up to 20 models. Please provide as much information as possible about each device model you have available. NB: Please remember to back up any data you may need before wiping from the device(s)!
Make/Manufacturer/Brand Model (Name/Type/Number) Quantity availableActions

School Liaison

In order to identify schools that can make use of specific donated devices we may; a) Email schools with details of the available devices & b) post the details on the personnel area of the Southwark Schools website (this is not visible to the general public).
Contact with Schools(Required)
Are you happy for us to relay your contact details, so that schools can contact you directly about the available devices? (If you would prefer not to be contacted by local schools please select 'No' and we will act as a conduit, or you can include an alternative email address below.)
Are you able to arrange delivery to get your devices to one or more local schools?(Required)
Data Removal Declaration(Required)
Data Sharing Declaration & Consent(Required)

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